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The Joy Of  Creation


Conscious Conceptualization of Vision

This stage is one of the most exigent and fundamental parts of the project. This is where we explore the magic of a drawing board.

From developing a groundbreaking app to planning a retreat for your team, it takes a conscious effort to create an experience that allows its beneficiaries to bring the best out in them.


This is the part where our team supports you in drafting concept ideas, design prototypes and uncover the dream states.


We believe in the power of vision boards, and in this stage, we put all our intention in envisioning the most profound experience that can support your firm’s evolution.

Manifestation Process and Planning 

The breakthrough moment of witnessing a vision board leads to a flow of energy within our hearts and minds that supports in the manifestation process.


This process requires an unwavering commitment, carefully crafted plan and a constant faith in our intention that we establish in the dream state.

This is the stage where our team works in crafting a perfect shoe that helps you create and cross the bridge for your vision.


We live in a world where standardization is becoming quite common. However, we believe that every individual is unique, has different dreams and envisions a different life. And similarly, different leaders have different expectations for their firms.


Since the one shoe fits all strategy doesn't really work for our clients, we craft unique shoes for you that fit your needs - The Cinderella Shoes.


During this stage, we develop unique plans and processes that would work specifically to support your vision.


Enthusiastic and Corroborative Actions

This is our favorite part! This is where we work together as one unit, collectively, towards a mission through non-egoic actions that support the common dream.


The word enthusiasm has been derived from the Greek word ‘enthousiasmos’ with the literal meaning ‘be inspired by God’. It was used to describe people who possessed god-like abilities or very strong, God-inspired, wisdom and convictions.


The reason we take this word very seriously is because we believe that if we all can learn to collaborate with a feeling that it’s not “I” that is doing the work, but it is “Us” collectively that bring the energy to make the vision possible; if we assume that we are the beings through which a grand dream is coming into fruition, it keeps the ego away and helps team members form meaningful relationships and harmony within them.


We also ensure that every team member feels heard, valued and respected during the execution process. An environment where people are at peace at work leads to a positive work experience that not only increases team engagement, but overall growth of the firm.

Surrender to Observe Homecoming

What would it be like to continuously be the flow and expand our abilities, positive outcomes and our firm?


This happens when you take a deep breath and create space within your project cycle to observe the results with patience.


We have taken the inspiration for creating this step from nature itself.

Let’s take a look at the following phenomenon.


The moon starts its cycle from the new moon (no moon) to the full moon and comes back to the new moon to be back again.

We breathe in and we breathe out to enable the flow of air within.

Our hearts expand and contract to ensure the flow of blood within.


Can you imagine a world where the moon is always growing bigger, or us only breathing in and our hearts only expanding?

It doesn’t seem to help us survive.


Then how is it fair for us to expect that our team should only work toward expansion and continue to work harder than a day before to make the vision come true?

It’s not even fair to continue to launch product after product or feature after feature without giving the previous one a chance to test the market.


Hence, it's important for us to learn the ways of functioning from nature itself to bring out our best at the workplace.

Repetition with Retrospection

The observation stage helps us gather the data, observe the market trends and come together with the team to understand the effects and effectiveness of our efforts.

It is important for any organization to dedicate time towards observation, analysis, predictions and forecasting to decide the next steps.


Often, the data leads to either continuation or course-correction, that helps us go back to the white board to solidify the strategy further.


This is the stage where we bring the team together for a collective retrospective of what went well and how we can implement the learnings of the previous sprint into the next one, craft the plan for the next sprint/phase and do the prep-work for the upcoming cycle of execution to ensure the next sprint helps the team expand the abilities, goals and likelihood of achieving desired results.

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